Special Notes

Special Notes



1. Old newspaper photographs do not copy or scan well.  We do what we can, but poor photo quality is probably a fact of life in this project.

2.  Some of the printing does not copy well.  Some of the printing has smeared over time.  We do the best we can with the originals we have.

3. Some Volcanos are not printed straight on the page. We try to straighten them, but we are not always successful.

4. Some of the papers have been folded, and those folds interfere with our ability to make a good copy.  Covering the paper with a plain piece of paper (to prevent smearing of the ink) and then putting heavy book on top may help flatten the folds.

5. Some Volcanos were printed as supplements to the Villisca Review.  If we do not have a flat copy of such an issue, we have photographed the copy in the bound volumes in the collection of the Montgomery County Historical Society.  The binding causes the left edge to be curved and somewhat difficult to read.  We hope to locate flat copies of these issues in the future.

5.  Volume and issue numbers are not always consistent.  Neither are dates and page numbers.  In these cases, we determine the accurate information and provide it for our readers.