Mimeographed Volcanos


The Volcano was published by mimeograph during many of the  years prior to 1952, although not all of them.  At least once during later years, a December issue was also mimeographed rather than printed commercially. 

The quality of these mimeographed Villisca Volcanos varies from issue to issue and sometimes from page to page within issues. A commercial copy machine is probably the best way to reproduce these issues as it scans out the background while enhancing the type and graphics.

If you have mimeographed issues that we do not have access to, but do not wish to copy them yourself, please mail them to either Barb or Linda and we will copy your issues and send them back to you. Our mail (and email) addresses can be found in the 9" x 12" Volcanos instructions. We list the issues we have access to but have not yet posted in the "In Progress" section; the ones we've posted can be found in the various decades and years divisions.