We are grateful to the many people who have helped us with various aspects of this project—from those whose saving habits provided dozens of issues to others who only had one or two to offer.

Some of our contributors include Margaret Williams Posten ‘31, a member of the first Volcano staff, who had saved all eight issues from that initial year of publication, and Jackie Smith Lininger ’71 and Patricia Knoke Shipley ‘71, who had two issues each to share from 40 years later. Jackie's and Pat's issues are the last "stand alone" Volcanos we've found so far.  Carolyn Stuelke Harris ’48 and her daughter, Lynn Weichman ’71; Susie Hedstrom Enarson ’57; and the Villisca Historical Society each loaned us dozens of issues.  

We thank each and every one of the people and organizations that have contributed to this project, from loaning us issues, to publicizing our effort to Save the Volcano, to allowing us to photograph the Review archives, to actually photographing those archives, to saving their families’ issues for years. Because of your help, we have more than 300 issues of The Villisca Volcano in all of its many formats posted here for the enjoyment of all those who attended Villisca High School during 1930-1978 or anyone else with an interest in the Villisca Schools. Thank you all.

Bill Anderson ‘53

Judy Knoke Anderson ‘72

Elaine Artlip

Jim Artlip ‘60

Lois Beavers

Beverly Wagaman Boe '66

Evon Moritz Carlson ‘62

Ron Carlson ‘63

Laurena Focht Dunn ‘37

Janis Sue Hedstrom Enarson ‘57

Kay Focht

Norma Query Frey ‘41

Kris Gidley Gourley ‘68

Carolyn Stuelke Harris ‘48

Ethel  Himiller

Mary Himiller  ‘56

Barton Kemery ‘62

Norma Kemery

Dwight & Janice Focht Lewis ‘46

Jackie Smith Lininger ‘71

Helen Rockwell Lowe ‘48

Margaret Shields Marti ‘63

Paula Means Lund ‘68

Treva Milligan

Clark Moritz ‘66

Elvin Moritz ‘37

Ruth Schenck Moritz ‘36

Dean Olander ‘61

Margaret Williams Posten ‘31

Pat Knoke Shipley ‘71

Roxanna Sieber

Rachelle Pogue Standerwick ‘48

Lynn Harris Weichman ‘71

David Windom ‘56


Montgomery County Historical Society

Villisca Historical Society Inc., Mary Hossman Hansen ‘56, President

Villisca Public Library, Pat Means, Librarian

Villisca Review