9" x 12" Volcanos

9" x 12" Volcanos on Newsprint



Most of the Volcanos in our possession are printed on newsprint with 9" x 12" pages.  We have listed below two possible methods for converting these to a format we can post on this website.


    1.  Modern copiers and scanners handle items which are up to 8½" wide.


    2.  It is therefore necessary to reduce the Volcano when you copy it.  We have been reducing them to 94% which will fit on 8½" x 11" (letter-size) paper and still be legible.

    3.  Method A  Linda recommends taking the original 9" x 12" Volcano to an office center such as FedEx Kinkos, OfficeMax, Office Depot, Staples, etc., where the commercial machines have a larger copy bed.  Copy the paper at 94% onto 8½" x 11" white paper in black-and-white, one page at a time. Each issue will probably cost about forty cents.  There were a few six- and eight-page editions which will cost a few cents more.

    4.  If, like Barb, you find cutting and pasting to be less tedious than trying to find the perfect alignment which will copy all of the text in both of the outside columns, the directions in the next paragraph will help you accomplish the same thing on your home copier and/or scanner.

    5.  Method B  Make two copies of each page, one which includes the full column on the left and another which includes the full column on the right.  Then trim margins and cut one of the side columns and tape it to the other full page so you have a good copy of the entire page on an 8½" x 11" piece of paper.

    6.  Whether you use Method A or Method B, the next step is to scan all four (or six) of the pages into a .pdf, trying to keep the total size of the four-page document between 500 kilobytes to less than 2 MB (or 2,000 kb).  Many of them are between 500 and 900 kilobytes which is ideal.  Sometimes the smaller files are extremely hard to read.  In that case, a higher resolution (perhaps 300 dpi instead of 200) may improve legibility.

    7.  Now you can email the scanned document to Barbara Kemery at ba08kem@gmail.com or to Linda Artlip at linda.artlip@comcast.net  Upon receipt, they will post it on this website.

    8.  If you do not use a scanner, you can mail your paper copy to Barbara Kemery at 4 Delcrest Court, #202, St. Louis  MO  63124 or to Linda Artlip at 10 Robin Road, Moorestown NJ 08057.

    9.  If you do not use a copier either, you can mail one of us your original Volcano(s).  We will process it, add it to the site, and return your original to you.  We will, of course, be very careful with your originals, but we can not be responsible for acts of God or the US Postal Service.


    10.  If you do not want to mail your originals (we certainly would not want to mail ours), contact us.  We will try to arrange for local technical assistance for you.  As you can imagine, many alumni and friends of the Villisca school district have expressed support and a willingness to help us with this project.

    11.  If you have questions, please feel free to email one of us at the addresses above.